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The Razor's Edge was adapted for cinema by Bill Murray and John Byrum from the novel by W. Somerset Maugham. The film was a critical and commercial failure on its release in 1984. This website is for anyone who enjoyed the film, regardless.

Thanks to John Byrum for his ongoing help with this site.

Bill Murray and Ron Base in Quebec

15-Jan-15 Bill Murray in Quebec

2 discoveries strangely connected. Journalist, Ron Base talks of an awkward meeting with Bill Murray in a Quebec hotel while he is promoting the film.

Meanwhile an interview with Bobbie Wygant reveals that her interview and two others with Showbiz and Jimmy Carter are all in the same hotel. The curtains are the giveaway!

The Victoria Advocate

27-Nov-14 Article - The Victoria Advocate

Revealing article on Bill's imminent withdrawal from the movie industry.

October 29th 1984

By Dale Pollock

Dazed Digital

05-Nov-14 Film and website featured in Dazed & Confused

The Razor's Edge has featured in a new article in Dazed & Confused on-line (With a nice mention for this website as well!).

The Film that made Bill Murray quit acting

From the desk of Jesse Schroeder

19-Aug-14 A Razor's Reflection - Fan mail special feature

To celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the release of The Razor's Edge, here is a wonderful reflective review by Jesse James Schroeder.

A Razor's Reflection

Bill Murray and Brian Doyle Murray

18-Jan-14 - Warminster Memories

A great story from William Mackain-Bremner who was an extra in the World War 1 scenes.

"We had to be - at various stages of filming - French, German or British troops, either standing guard, walking wounded, or dead, draped over the edge of a crater"

Read Warminster Memories

The Razors Edge autographed vhs

17-Jan-14 Fan mail

" The story understands a person's need for self-discovery. I think many people missed the meaning of the movie because most people just don't see the illusions of their realities nor do they feel a need to see clearly"

Read comment in full

Rubin Museum of Art

05-May-12 - John Byrum presents The Razor's Edge in New York

The Razor's Edge Film Site received a flattering mention by the film's director, John Byrum when he presented the film at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.

The film was screened as part of their 'Cabaret Cinema series.

Catherine Hicks as Isabel Bradley

25-May-12 - New photo added to the gallery

Catherine Hicks as Isabel Bradley. This photo was used by Tom Jung for the film poster art work.

View: Photo Gallery

John Byrum on Bio

07-Jan-12 - John Byrum on the "Improv style"

A new introduction from John Byrum has been added to 'Lost Secenes'

"There's a lot of stuff on film that was changed on the spot from the script. Bill's whole background up to that point was the same as of a lot of that pack that began their careers at Second City, the improv nightclub in Chicago."

Bill Murray during a scene cut from The Razor's Edge

7 Jan-12 Lost Scenes - Sophie's revenge!

A few scenes that did not make the final edit that involve Larry and Sophie as they reunite on his return from India.

They revisit some of the playfulness from the Lake Forest party and show two rekindling their love for each other.

Earlier updates:

21-Feb-09 Picture Exclusive - 'John and Bill take a mudbath'

Film facts

Bill Murray as Larry Darrell
  • The Razor's Edge is Bill Murray's only screenwriting credit to date

  • Larry's farewell speech to commanding officer, Piedmont was written by Bill as a farewell to John Belushi. Bill even used the line "He will not be missed" at John's wake.

  • Columbia Pictures could only have the rights to Ghostbusters if they also agreed to fund The Razor's Edge.

  • The film was criticised for not taking the search for truth seriously. Novelist, Somerset Maugham wrote a script (which the studios rejected) and stressed "this is a comedy and should be played rapidly"

  • After The Razor's Edge, Bill took a four year break from the industry which included studying philosophy at the Sorbonne.

  • In the remake , Larry Darrell serves as an Ambulance Driver in World War 1 just as writer, Somerset Maugham had with the Literary Ambulance Drivers. (In the novel and 1946 film version, Larry is a fighter pilot)